Structural Steel Fabrication

High Quality Steel Embeds & Stud Rails

Steel Embed Plates

Steel embed plates, also known as concrete embeds, is the ideal solution for tilt wall buildings and merging concrete to the steel framework.

Our manufacturing facility produces steel embed plates in a variety of sizes and configurations:

  • Standard sizes
  • Custom sizes
  • Specialty plate configuration
  • Large embed plates

We work with all stud sizes between ½” through 1” diameter. Each embed plate is custom made for your project. We work with:

  • Masonry embeds
  • Concrete embeds
  • Stud rails for PT slabs
  • Studs on structural steel beams

Customized Concrete Embeds

Each steel embed plate is designed to your specifications. The manufacturing process is tightly controlled to ensure that all embeds are consistently made to the highest quality standards. All welds are performed with a stud welding gun in the required configuration, creating a consistent, high quality weld.

Stud Rails

Stud rail solutions are a safe and efficient way to prevent punching shear, reduce weight, increase headroom and eliminate the requirement for column capitals and stirrup cages.

Quality You Can Trust

We carefully monitor the stud rail throughout manufacturing process, making certain that each stud rail meets our exacting quality standards. Our studs and base rails are manufactured with how carbon steel for consistent, reliable performance. All stud rails comply with IBC and UBC structural steel welding standards.

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Fast Turnaround at a Reasonable Price

Our manufacturing facility is designed to accommodate urgent orders. Twenty X Steel has a streamlined process which shortens the time required to get a quote and receive your custom stud rails and concrete embeds.

You shouldn’t have to pay an extravagant price to get your product quickly. We provide fair pricing for all orders, including last-minute requests.

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