How we work

We really do understand the needs of each project so we can provide a cost effective rebar detailing solutions using the latest technological advancement and software to keep up the quality of work what we do. We are always ready to take on challenging tasks.


We do projects which are code compliant to ACI, CRSI & RSIO standards. In case of special requirement, we are ready to follow the client’s standards to tailor the needs of each project.

Online Support

We are able to be online with instant messengers such as skype and yahoo for communicating about each project. We value your time so we can provide an online demonstration to illustrate the revisions, changes and so forth. Before commencement of each project, we recommend our clients come for an online kick off meeting which facilitates the sharing of their views and ideas.

File Management

We use variety of file sharing services such as Drop box, FTP etc. We recommend our clients to send the soft copy of the drawings.

We are experts in rebar detailing, estimation,

steel rebar sizes & concrete rebar

designing projects.

Twenty X Steel prides itself on excellent customer service and its ability to meet expectations and create value for our customers. Accurate and efficient detailing is the first step in any quality project, which is why Twenty X Steel maintains an expert staff of detailers to make sure that we meet our customers’ demands and expectations. Accurate detailing allows us to get an in depth look at a projects dimensions, as well as helping us eliminate costly rework in the field and subsequent project delays.

At Twenty X Steel, we have all of the latest detailing software programs: Rebar CAD which files can be formatted into, aSa Barlisting program & Shear 97 program.

We submit drawings via email or ftp download, in DWG, DWF, PDF  format.

We specialize in providing rebar detailing & rebar estimation services for almost all type of structures. Our projects include

  • Commercial & industrial structures – Parking garage structure, Shopping Mall , Multi story building Etc.
  • High rise and low rise buildings
  • Precast structure – Tilt up panels & girders
  • CMU Masonry
  • Water treatment plant
  • Special structures like tanks, bridges, retaining walls, dams etc.
Rebar Detailing Services
  • CAD Placing Drawings in RebarCAD™
  • Material Bar Lists in Multiple Formats
  • In-house document printing and scanning
  • We offer customer-specific FTP access for easy file sharing
  • Online support through Skype and Yahoo messenger

One of the steps in pricing concrete

is to estimate how much

rebar is needed for the project.

At Twenty X Steel, we provide the best-detailed and most accurate estimates in the industry. We have the ability to provide competitive pricing per ton.  All reinforcing steel is estimated according to the standard guidelines as outlined by CRSI and our estimating department has over 30 years of combined experience.

All estimates will conform to the CRSI Code of Standard Practice. For estimating reinforcing materials, when not in conflict with the contract documents, local or state building codes.

Contact us for rebar estimation
Rebar Detailing Services
  • Estimates using Excel Macros Software
  • Conflict Resolution: A specialty service when parties need an independent review of rebar quantities and changes
  • Value Added With Experienced Estimators
  • Estimation summary output can be customized for the customer requirement